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Writing an Effective Online Review



Online reviews have taken on greater importance in today’s world. Chances are before you made your last major purchase, made a reservation at a hotel, or signed up for a local Odenton, MD service you to a look at the online reviews. But have you written a review recently? It takes creativity, skill, and thought to create an effective online review. Today we have some tips for writing reviews. After you’ve read through this post, we invite you to submit a review for our apartment community here at The Village at Odenton Station.  


Why Reviews Are Important

You may not have a particular beef with a recent purchase, say a romphim for instance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write a review. Reviews — both positive and negative — serve to inform others about a product, venue, or service. Think of writing a review as giving back to the community.


Tips for Writing Reviews

You may have seen reviews like some of these best, worst hotel reviews, but that doesn’t mean your reviews need to be like them. Follow these tips for creating clear, objective, helpful reviews.

  • Stick to the facts. Strive to be specific, detailed, and objective. Present your experience as clearly and concisely as you can. Be balanced in your review. Granted there may be some issues you are bringing up, but also offer the positives in the situation.

  • Even when — especially when — you’ve had a bad experience, make your case coherently, intelligently, and honestly - polite articulation is far more likely to get results than bombastic name calling.

  • Include language that indicates this was your experience and acknowledge that not everyone will have the same experience.

  • Check your spelling and grammar - use complete sentences and only single exclamation points — poor mechanics devalue what you are saying - (reader may think, this person can’t even take time to write correctly, how can I trust his or her opinion)


These are some general tips for writing reviews about most anything. We are also sharing tips specifically about writing reviews for apartments via this Lifehacker article for writing Genuinely Useful Reviews.

Now that we’ve shared key elements of creating an effective review, we invite you to take a few minutes and submit a review for The Village at Odenton Station. Next month we will be sharing tips about how to evaluate reviews. Thanks for taking time to read our post today.