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The Village at Odenton Station Blog, Odenton, MD  Head out of your apartment and go hiking this summer! We've got some tips for a great hike.

Summer is a perfect time to get out of your apartment and enjoy nature by taking a good hike here in Odenton, MD. Today, the Village at Odenton Station Blog has some suggestions for essentials you should take on every hike (inspired by the American Hiking Society) so you can have a safe, efficient trip!


  1. Proper clothing and footwear.

What you wear can have a huge effect on how much you enjoy your hike, so invest in high-quality items. The American Hiking Society suggests trail shoes for short, simpler day hikes and hiking boots for rougher terrain. They also suggest wearing layers so you can adjust what you wear, according to the temperature and your level of exertion.


  1. A map and compass.

However much you research a trail beforehand, things can look different in person. These items will help you orient yourself throughout the hike and give you an idea of how much longer you need to go to reach your destination. They are especially important in case any emergency situations come up!


  1. Water and snacks.

Even if you think you’re hydrated and satisfied with a meal you’ve eaten before a hike, you need to fuel yourself while you’re on the hike! Bring a few water bottles in your backpack and some of these 27 healthy, portable hiking snacks so you can have the energy you need to finish your hike.


  1. Protection from the sun.

It’s easy to get a sunburn, so even if you want a bit of a tan, you should still protect your skin and your eyes from the sun. Apply a good coat of sunscreen on exposed skin before you leave, and bring it with you so you can re-apply, especially if you’re going to be hiking for a long time. Don’t forget to get your ears, neck, and hairlines! Extra protection with sunglasses and a hat is important, too.


  1. Safety items.

A first-aid kit, a flashlight or headlamp, matches and kindling for an emergency need to start a fire to stay warm, Mylar blankets, and a knife or multi-purpose tool are all important to keep with you on a hike, especially a long one. Having these items in your pack will help you feel confident and prepared, so bring them along, even if you may not use them. Bring a friend along for company and extra help, and always let someone know where you will be hiking and when you expect to be back.


We love that hiking and biking trails are among the many amenities for our apartment community. Where is your favorite place to hike in the Odenton area? Please share in the comments and thanks for reading today’s post.