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Shop Black Friday this Month

The Village at Odenton Station Blog, Odenton, MD  Leaving your apartment in the early morning is worth it for Black Friday deals. Read our shopping tips!

To shop or not to shop — that is the questions when it comes to Black Friday shopping, and today, The Village at Odenton Station Blog looks at the pros and cons to help you make a decision about whether or not to leave your cozy apartment at o’dark-thirty to catch all the great deals in the Odenton, Maryland area.



— Great deals on highly sought after items save you money if you were going to get it anyway.

— Stores offer giveaways in the form of sweepstakes, loyalty points, and the first 100 in the door type prizes.

— Electronic deals are everywhere. Deep discounts on the latest models of TVs, computers, phones, and tablets available.

— You can be a shopping hero, saving money and getting the best deals in town, and perhaps get a big ticket item for your apartment you’ve been eying for months at a substantial discount.



— Sales can be limited to the number on hand, and there may be other restrictions (pay attention to the fine print).


— Shopping Black Friday means giving up time at home to get projects done or spend time with family.


— Standing in lines, dealing with crowds of shoppers, and fighting traffic may take more effort than it’s worth to get a good deal.


— The quality of the special deals may not be what you expected.

Should you decide that shopping is definitely on your to-do list, follow these tips to have a successful venture.


— Prepare a plan in advance. First off, decide a budget - per person, per gift, or some sort of combination of the two. Make a list and add alternative gift ideas so that if one gift falls through you have a backup plan. For many shoppers, especially if you have a difficult time sticking to a budget, leaving the credit cards home and only taking cash is a good way to stay on budget and truly get only what you need.


— Study the ads and determine which stores you want to hit for sure. Visit the stores that have your “must get” deals first, and then the ones that may have more than one of the items on your list, followed by what makes the most sense geographically speaking. A route app may be helpful for mapping out your shopping plan.


Whatever you decide to do, everyone here at The Village at Odenton Station wants to wish members of our apartment community a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading our post today!