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Pumpkin Power at The Village at Odenton Station


multiple images of pumpkin desserts: pumpkin latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, and a cornacopia with miniature pumpkins and acors

October is here and that means that chances are you will be able to find the perfect pumpkin for eating or decorating at the local farmer’s market, a pumpkin patch, or the grocery store. Pumpkins have a long history in Maryland, and in the United States for that matter. It is thought that the pilgrims may have filled a scooped out pumpkin with milk, honey, and spices and baked it in the ashes of a fire for what may have been the first American pumpkin “pie” — crusts came on the scene a bit later according to What’s Cooking America. Eating pumpkin is just one way to use this versatile golden globe, and today The Village at Odenton Station has some more ideas about how you can use pumpkins.

Alternatives to Pumpkin Pie

Turn Pumpkins into Serving Bowls

Save on decorations and dishwashing by turning your hollowed out pumpkin into a serving bowl for soup, cider, or punch. Follow the tutorial in the link from My Persian Kitchen to turn your pumpkin into the perfect serving bowl.

Use Your Pumpkin as a Planter

Use your hollowed-out pumpkin as a planter for potted plants. As your pumpkin begins to deteriorate transfer your plant into a pot.

Make a Pumpkin Face Mask

Puree your pumpkin and make a moisturizing pumpkin face mask. What you will need to make this mask: pumpkin puree, organic honey, and skim milk (almond or soy milk works too).

Create a Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Turn your pumpkin into a bird feeder by following these steps from Martha Stewart’s blog. All you will need is a tool for cutting and poking holes in your pumpkin, a pumpkin (of course), some twine, and bird seed. Afterward, sit back and relax on your apartment balcony and watch all the different birds enjoying your creation.

Do you use your pumpkin in an unusual way? Let us know in the comments. We are always looking for ideas and knowledge from members of our apartment community in Odenton, MD. Thanks for taking the time to read our post today. Happy pumpkin season everyone!