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Helpful Car Apps + MARC Train Info


The Village at Odenton Station Blog, MD Apartments  Traveling is easier when you have the information you need to navigate from place to place. Today we have some handy car apps to recommend as well as info on the MARC Train.


At The Village at Odenton Station, we not only care about our apartments, but we strive to provide community amenities for our residents (this includes the option for underground parking). We’re located just across the street from the Odenton MARC Station, which makes commuting convenient. This month, we are sharing car friendly apps; plus info about the MARC Train transportation system.

Apps for Cars


If you’re the owner of a plug-in hybrid or full-on EV, you know the importance of being aware of where charging stations are located. The PlugShare app gives you up-to-date info on where you can find a charge station when you are out and about. It indicates home, public, and in use to save you time and frustration. The app also offers driving directions, contact information, and direct messaging with charger owners. Available for iOS and Android



Check out this community-driven navigation map that’s for more than just navigation. Members provide real-time updates to the maps to indicate traffic jams, road construction, and even gas prices, and it’s not just for major freeways, highways, and arterial streets; even side streets can be included. In the case of heavy traffic and long delays, Waze will reroute you in the most efficient manner. Available for iOS and Android


MARC Train Commuting Info  

Using the MARC Train is an excellent option if you are commuting to Baltimore, Washington D.C., or anywhere in the area. The MARC Train service runs three lines: Penn Line, Camden Line, and Brunswick Line. Service is available M–F with limited service on the Penn Line on weekends. According to the website, “Quik Trak machines, Amtrak Ticket Agents, Commuter Direct Ticket Agents or Online at Commuter Direct. Please note that MARC Train Service does not offer electronic ticketing – all tickets must be mailed. The email receipt sent by Commuter Direct will not be honored for travel. Please allow 4-6 business days for delivery.” To learn more about using the MARC Train system, check out the resource guide which has all the details.


What are your favorite apps to use in conjunction with your car of traveling? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading today’s post.