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Gift Wrapping Tips

The Village at Odenton Station Blog, Odenton, MD  Tips for getting the stash of presents in your apartment all wrapped up for holiday giving.

Last month, The Village at Odenton Station Blog highlighted some tips for Black Friday shopping. We hope members of our apartment community got all the best deals around Odenton, MD! Today, we have some tips for gift wrapping, so you can get your Black Friday plunder wrapped up and ready to go. Read on for some awesome ideas.


Set Up a Wrapping Station

This is especially useful if you need to wrap all your gifts over the course of a couple of evenings. Choose a place that has a flat surface to wrap on, such as a table, counter, or even the floor. It is much easier to measure and cut paper on a flat surface. Gather all of the things you will need for wrapping. A large, clear tote is ideal for storage. Some things you may want to put in it include scissors, tape, bows, curling ribbon, raffia, gift tags, sharpies, pens, gift bags, tissue paper, and a variety of wrapping paper.



Use boxes for your gifts. It’s more efficient and easy to wrap uniformly sized boxes (and random sized bits and pieces don’t poke out through a box). Cut the paper to fit the box; extra paper just gets in the way and looks tacky. Consider alternatives to paper for wrapping.For example, a pretty pillowcase makes a good gift wrap for larger, odd-shaped gifts (and it won’t rip open). Be creative, it can be fun to add your own unique touch to wrapping supplies. Use newsprint or a roll of brown paper for instance, decorated with stencils, artwork, or even messages to your intended recipient.


Start now.

Wrapping all your gifts can take hours. Do all you can to avoid leaving it until the night before they’re to be opened by starting today! Wrap a gift or two in a few spare minutes every day and you’ll have a big chunk of your wrapping list taken care of in no time.


Make it a Party

Wrapping presents can become a tedious exercise. Invite a couple of friends to come over and wrap their presents too (or just help you with yours); the ensuing conversation will make the time fly by. If you find yourself wrapping gifts solo, pop in your favorite holiday movie or music playlist to help you stay in a festive mood. Even though it may take planning, time, and effort, it will be worth it when you see your carefully chosen gifts being opened.


What tips and tricks do you have for getting all your gifts wrapped? Feel free to share in the comments. We want to wish all of the residents of our apartment community happy holidays! Thanks for reading today’s blog post.