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The Village at Odenton Station Blog, Odenton, MD  This month we're featuring several ways to boost and foster creativity. Read on to learn more.


This month, The Village at Odenton Station Blog is featuring several ways to boost and foster creativity. Dust-off your easel, get your typewriting working, and pull out your business books — our tips will help you with your next creative project, whatever it may be!


Expand Your Interests


Sometimes boosting your creativity simply means learning something new. Check out books by authors you’ve never read, head to your local art or science museum here in the Odenton, Maryland area, and watch a documentary about someone whose life you admire. You never know when (or where) inspiration will strike. Just remember to stay open to different ideas, take notes, and work hard. As you learn more — whether you’re learning about pointillism or about marine biology — you’ll have a larger base to draw ideas from. If you’re interested in business, learn more about music. If you’re interested in music, learn more about mathematics. Great ideas can come from the most unexpected places.


Try Something New


Along with learning about new things, it’s important to try new things. Take up a new hobby this year. There are plenty of opportunities to try new things all around The Village at Odenton Station. Volunteer with a cause you believe in, take a trip halfway across the world, or learn how to cook. As you try new things, you’ll discover new interests. Your new interests will inform your creative endeavors.




Sometimes the best thing you can do is collaborate. Meet with others who are focused on solving the same problems you’re trying to solve. They’ll be able to see the gaps in your work, and they’ll help you get rid of any bias that might be clouding your judgment.


Do you have any creativity tips for us? Leave your best advice in the comments. Thanks for reading our post! We hope that you have a wonderful month here in your Odenton apartment.